Kora Oliva

Kora Oliva S.L was born in the Sevillian Aljarafe in southern Spain, considered to be the best olive producing region in the world.

This exceptional location has given us the possibility to work with farmers who have contributed their knowledge about the olive cultivation for decades to obtain a raw material of the highest grade and in this way transmit that character from the moment it reaches our plant to the final consumer.

This is how in our philosophy converge the experience and traditional flavor with innovation and the desire to improve day by day, thus obtaining a superior quality product rooted in our land.


Kora, a name with history.

The history of our name goes back to Phoenician age, in which the city of “Khora” already witnessed olive production by testimonies found in the form of archaeological remains. This name evolved and in Roman age it was renamed “Caura”, becoming an important inland port in addition to serving as a settlement of many cultures favored by its privileged geographical location and the fertility of its terrains. “Caura” eventually gave rise to Coria, the one we all know.

Therefore, in the name of "Kora" we want to give a wink to centuries of olive culture in our land, enclosing the essence of the first crops of olives harvested in Phoenician times centuries ago.


Our factory has the latest advances guaranteeing a high production capacity, unique versatility, the comfort and safety of our workers and a top quality final product.